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Using Shadertoy shaders with Videosync

With the arrival of Videosync 1.1 (released in April 2022) using ISF shaders in Ableton Live has become a lot easier. The new ISFLoader device allows you to open any ISF shader example that can be found on There is no conversion or editing needed for this, just download the zip and drag the included .fs file onto ISFLoader….


Videosync 1.0 – a decade in the making

Dear all, today, more than a decade after Videosync went on its first tour, five years after its first public release and three years after we launched the first commercial version, we are finally ready to bump the version number to 1.0.  You can now download Videosync 1.0 from the website! It is a completely free upgrade for our loyal…


A brief history of Showsync

We have come a long way! The first public release of Videosync in 2016 may have been when you first heard about Showsync, when the world of AV was introduced to two new concepts that we developed: warped video playback in the Ableton Live Session View and a visual signal flow that follows the Live plugin chain. Or In 2019, at the first public release of Beam, when we introduced the first system for composing scalable lighting shows from the Live interface…

Devices in-depth

Updating pre-1.0 sets

Now that we’ve moved to a new major version for Videosync (from 0.9 to 1.0), we’ve taken the opportunity to make some extensive updates to our plugins.  There were several outstanding issues, like misspelled parameter names or automation values, that we’ve wanted to fix for a while. On top of this, Videosync now uses the same Control Surface that Beam…

Inspiration Tips and tricks

Audiovisual performing with Ableton Live, Videosync and OBS on online streaming platforms

In the past 10 years online streaming platforms have become increasingly popular, and as most nightclubs around the world are still closed, we are forced to find other ways to express our music to new audiences. With this first article and future articles on our blog we hope to inspire you with new possibilities and workflows that weren’t possible before….

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