Author: Mattijs Kneppers


Videosync 1.0 – a decade in the making

Dear all, today, more than a decade after Videosync went on its first tour, five years after its first public release and three years after we launched the first commercial version, we are finally ready to bump the version number to 1.0.  You can now download Videosync 1.0 from the website! It is a completely free upgrade for our loyal…


A brief history of Showsync

We have come a long way! The first public release of Videosync in 2016 may have been when you first heard about Showsync, when the world of AV was introduced to two new concepts that we developed: warped video playback in the Ableton Live Session View and a visual signal flow that follows the Live plugin chain. Or In 2019, at the first public release of Beam, when we introduced the first system for composing scalable lighting shows from the Live interface…

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